Monday, 2 June 2014

Preparing for life overseas

A couple of weekend's ago we had an impromptu trip to London to visit Kevin & Tasha Spann, a MAF family who have been living in the Congo for the last 6 months. We first met them in Nampa last August, and recently they have been taking a break and visiting Europe so we decided to gatecrash their holiday!

It was lovely to see Bethan and their daughter, Adah playing together again. There was no shyness, they just got on like old friends! We also enjoyed spending the day with all 3 of them, hearing about their new life, the highlights and the not so good bits. It was interesting to hear about the things they miss about bringing up a child in a 1st world country and the difficulties they face in everyday life (such as the local washing powder teamed with the untreated water meaning clothes don't last long). In Congo, if you use a car seat you offend people because you are taking up space that could be used to give someone else a lift. It was a marked difference to London, as we sat in the rush hour traffic watching car after car go past with only one person in it! I think we, as a nation, could definitely benefit from the 'there is always room for one more attitude in Congo! We also got some great advice about language learning.

It was a lovely day, we all enjoyed meeting up with the Spanns, and we learnt a lot too!

Old friends

finishing Adah's sandcastle

saying goodbye

 Read more about Kevin and Tasha's adventures on their blog: